Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition


I love the shades of tomatoes as they transition to ripe. I took this photo in our backyard garden. These plants have been supplying us with fresh tomatoes for weeks now!

The joy I feel from gardening is simple, and sacred. The garden is somewhere I visit to ease my mind and marvel at the wonders of life. I watch busy ants swarming the basil plants. They lay their eggs on the stalks, and it doesn’t seem to harm the leaves so I don’t mind. Ants are fascinating. They are so purposeful; always marching in lines with somewhere to go and a job to do. I admire their stamina.

Sometimes I walk through the garden and rub my fingers on the leaves of the sage, just to smell the ambrosial aroma. The spiritual energy of life growing and dying all around me, helps me forget any problems I think I have. I’m simply here to live and die, and stop and smell the flowers once in a while in between.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

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