Travel theme: Self

Australia 238

There is so much we learn about ourselves when we travel. Our lives are a compilation of all the experiences we have been through, that radiate out of us to reveal who we are today.

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I discovered this episode of Good Life Project this morning, featuring Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray, Love among many other things. Her words are amazing and powerful. I listened in my bed staring at the ceiling mouthing “wow” after just 5 minutes. I think this one hour podcast may have changed my entire life.

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Prank 911

“911 emergency what’s your situation?”

I quickly hung up the phone and retreated into the garage. I wasn’t really in trouble, although now I surely would be. Horror gripped my stomach. It wasn’t me I told myself. When the phone rang I could hear it through the wall. It was the strangest ringtone I had ever heard. I wasn’t even aware our phone was capable of making that noise. Shortly after it stopped my dad came out into the garage.

“Did you call 911?” he asked calmly.

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Au Revoir, Spring

I said goodbye to spring for the second time this year. December 1st marks the first day of summer in Australia. As the hotter days settle in I think of how privileged I am to have witnessed the array of colours that define the season of growth in Australia.



The pale purple of the jacaranda tree is something out of an elven forest. The weeks that these flowers bloomed made me believe I was in a fantasy wonderland.Read More »