Travel Theme: Waves


Homesickness comes in waves. When the tide is in I feel fulfilled in the beauty and wonder of all that surrounds me. But on an equal scale  the tide goes out, leaving me bare in an unfamiliar world.

Sometimes homesickness doesn’t even feel like homesickness. Sometimes it is a longing hidden deep within, a hole of sadness that cannot be filled no matter how much happiness is dumped in, and yet thoughts of home are the furthest thing from my mind. Only when I am fulfilled again do I realize what it was.

The past few days have been high tide for me. I’ve found joy in every moment of every day, even in the simple things like hanging my laundry to dry in the sunshine. This morning as I hung my clothes I thought to myself, how weird it would be to take these out of the wash and put them in the dryer… how stuffy they would smell.

The world around me is an ocean of comparisons; I process new experiences by comparing them to old ones. I try not to say one is better than the other, but rather to make a note of the difference. Difference is what makes our world the wonderful place that it is. Experiences that difference first hand is what makes travelling so fulfilling and educating and all the wonderful things that it is. So even if you aren’t in a different country or a different province or state from your home, take some time today to try something different. Whether its walking in a park you haven’t been to, or taking a random turn on your commute home just to see what’s down that road you drive past every day (let’s face it you’d be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic anyway, it’s not like you have anything better to do), or even just trying a different dish than your usual at your favourite restaurant. Experiencing different things is fundamentally the most exciting thing we can do in our lives. It doesn’t have to be a big difference, only different.


Skydivers landing beside me on the beach this morning. Probably something I will never do (so scared of heights it would not be fun), but I do love watching them land every day and listening to them go “woooo!”

Travel Theme: Waves


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