Feature Fridays: Adventures of Reece

I’ve decided to make a new category in my blog, in which I feature other blogs that I am reading. I want to do this because I feel like some of the information I learn from these other blogs is so good that I want to share it with as many people as I can! So, here is the first “feature friday”:

Adventures of Reece


What you can expect to find in this blog: Personal Development, Business, Finance, Travel, Book Reviews and Diary posts

Reece offers an authentic voice, and uses her own personal successes, mistakes and experiences to write posts that can help others. She is the author of the book House Virgin, which covers all the bases about what you can expect when you want to buy a house. She covers questions that 20-somethings ask, ones that we all wonder, yet it seems like society thinks the answers are obvious.

In the same context of her book, her posts are written to enlighten readers to things they may have wondered about but never asked. If you’re looking for some interesting reads, head on over to her page!

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