Travel Theme: Routine

Next Door

When you live beside an apartment building you get to listen in on a little bit of many different lives, especially in Australia where all windows are always open. In the past few months I’ve been living here I’ve gotten to know a bit about the routines of some of the people next door.

There’s the Korean (I think) guy who sings karaoke every day with an intense passion. I can hear him singing softly as I type this actually. I don’t think he singing karaoke right now thought, because he isn’t belting it out like he usually does. He also typically doesn’t sing karaoke until 2-4 pm.

Then there’s the guy who BLASTS country music and classic rock songs in the late morning. Usually right around now, but only on what I assume are his days off. He must be at work right now. I always giggle because he never sings the words but he shouts out the “UH“s and the “YEAH“s.

There’s a family who watches a lot of movies, and they watch them very loudly. Sometimes I’m worried cause I hear all this screaming outside, but then I look out the window and it’s only the neighbours watching Jurrasic Park, or something to that effect. I think these are the same people who have 2 kids that I often hear either crying or watching Disney’s Frozen.

Most of these people I only ever hear and never see, but there is one apartment that I can see directly onto the patio because it is below me and in a clear view of my window. Every day after  regular work hours there’s a middle aged man who goes on that patio and cracks a Bundaberg rum. This drives me insane because the sounds a can makes when it is cracked open is designed to make you want a drink when you hear the sound of it. So every day at around 4:30-5pm I hear that crisp crack and instantly want a cold beer or Coca-Cola.

Listening in on these people’s lives amuses me. It’s interesting that I’ve never seen them before but I know intimate pieces of their lives in a way that I’m sure many people they know very well don’t even know.


Are there any routines that you practice or have noticed while travelling? Let me know in the comments below! xx

Travel Theme: Routine


2 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Routine

  1. These lines are so true about a lot of strangers we come across:
    “I’ve never seen them before but I know intimate pieces of their lives in a way that I’m sure many people they know very well don’t even know.”


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