Home, In More Than One Place


It’s amazing how quickly we find little pieces in a new place that make it feel like home. I’ve had the most epic day biking around Kirra, hot summer air blowing off the ocean and sounds of locusts buzzing wildly. The wind was the hottest I’ve felt yet, like oven air gushing into your face when you open it just a crack. That was new, but there were also many things that were comfortably familiar, like the gazebo that looks out over the beach (above), or the seagulls and surfers walking along the shore (below).


Living in a new place is scary and exciting at first. We are so drawn to the reassurance of our routines. We like to know how we can take control of our lives, and when the things we use daily are so different and confusing it can be frightening. But it doesn’t take long for those things that were once different to become familiar, for us to form new routines and settle in to a new environment. I’ve only lived in a few different places, but I think Kirra is the first place I would call a second home. I’ve learned things about living in this new place that have helped me to fall in love with it. I think if we overcome the initial feeling of displacement we feel in a new place, those same things we found too different from our first home can become what we love about our new one. I’m excited to carry this knowledge with me, and to find more places in the world that I can call my home. Because really the whole world is our home, and experiencing it’s diversity first hand is one of the best ways to feel wholly connected to it.


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