Travel Theme: Flutter


Don’t be fooled by how secure I look in this picture; I’m actually standing over 100 feet above the ground on a small metal platform in a giant tree. To put it into perspective look at how far below me those other treetops are-that’s the rainforest canopy, and I’m about 20 feet above that. To say my heart was fluttering at this moment would be a bit of an understatement. I’m really proud of myself for this moment because I think this was the first time I conquered one of my biggest fears.

I’ve always been afraid of heights. I can’t even jump off a small cliff into a river, not even one that is only 3 feet high. Despite that, when I came across this tree at the O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat treetop walk I wanted to climb it because it scared me. We were already about forty feet above the ground on a suspension bridge, and then are two  ladders surrounded by a cage that can be used to climb this behemoth tree.



Even though I could barely breath the entire time I climbed up the tree, the reward I felt from being up there (and I don’t just mean the view!) was definitely worth it. I think one of the most fulfilling things we can do for ourselves is to do something we are afraid of. Because the feeling of accomplishment when we conquer our fears is far more memorable than living in our comfort zone.

No it’s not easy, but it shouldn’t be easy. The fact that it is difficult is what makes it so rewarding. Today I challenge you. When that thought enters your head, and it says no I can’t, tell yourself that you can. And do it.

Travel theme: Flutter


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