Reasons to Travel- #1 Get Inspired

Reasons to Travel

Before I came home I was really excited; I thought that all my time away would help me see everything in a new light, and I would be able to see new things in my familiar world and write about them. Yet somehow, since I’ve actually been home my inspiration has fizzled from an ardent flame to the coals glowing in the fireplace as it dies out.

I’ve realized something from this experience. Australia was my muse, and more than that, travelling was my muse. Every day I witnessed something excitingly new. I never even would have started this blog if I hadn’t gone to Australia, or started writing my book for that matter which is probably the biggest step I’ve ever taken to one of my longest standing goals. I may have only been gone for 5 months, but in those 5 months I learned what would have taken me another 5 years to learn at home.

With that being said I think the most important thing you gain from travelling is inspiration. If you have lived your life in one place and every day you feel like you don’t know what you want to do with your life, or whyย you’re doing what you already choose to do, maybe its because what you are seeking cannot be found where you are.

Think of a child, one you know or your own memories of being one. For them every day is filled with wonder and excitement because the world is so new. As we get older the magic fades, or it seems it does. In reality we simply learn everything in the world around us so that everything is so familiar it is difficult to see the wonder in it, for it is all known. But when we leave that familiarity and find ourselves in a new place where things are different, things that we never even would have thought could be different (light switches for example), magic returns to our world.

Previously I posted an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert in which she tells us to follow our curiosity. Inspiration stems from curiosity, and curiosity is at its peak when we travel. You’d be surprised what you will discover about yourself in the heart of the unfamiliar.


This is the first in a new series! Let me know what you think in the comments below? What is something you have learned from travelling, or something that has inspired you while travelling?



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