What No One Tells You About Headlines


Can I rant? Well I’m going to so buckle up. Attention grabbing headlines infuriate me. Why? You know that person at The Bay who sprays perfume on you and tells you “this scent was made for you“, or that person at the cash register who says, “you’re only getting one of these shirts? But it’s 2 for $25, you’d better get two.” Well basically a catchy headline is no different from these salespeople pushing their product on you. This irked me to begin with, but what makes me even more mad is that I feel like I’ve reached a point where IĀ need to become that pushy salesperson or else be lost in the realm of un-clicked articles sitting neglected in some dusty corner of the internet.

Every time I read one of these catchy “click-bait” headlines I can’t help but read it in some cheesy voice in my head that sounds like the guy who narrates movie previews. I don’t want to be that guy!Ā I don’t want my writing to sound like that guy, not even the headline. But I do want more blog traffic. So what do I do? Do I submit and give my posts what I think are cheesy click bait headlines? After all it’ll be my content that will make them decide whether to stay or not anyway. Or do I defiantly refuse to conform, and risk having lower blog traffic, and have nobody read my content anyway?

I feel like its a showdown between my dignity and the salesman of headlines, and whether I like it or not, he’s going to win. I mean, if you’re reading this now it was that headline that pulled you in in the first place wasn’t it?

5 thoughts on “What No One Tells You About Headlines

  1. I’m so with you on this! I have to admit, I have tried those headlines (but only a couple of times, I swear!), though, but I’ve felt like I’ve cheated myself when doing so… And in all honesty, it doesn’t make that much difference in traffic. Stay true to yourself and your writing!


    • Thank you! Definitely some words of wisdom there. Sometimes I think I’m losing focus on what I really want to achieve in this blog. Staying true to myself should be my number 1 priority. Thank you for following šŸ™‚

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