Downsizing Chronicles

I’m getting rid of all of my possessions. That sounds dramatic, but I have realized in the past few months that all of these objects are more of a burden than an enhancement to my life-even things I once considered my favourite, like my books. So piece by piece, box by box, I’m going to give these items one last time to shine before they go off to donation.

Yesterday I managed to put together two boxes. The first was filled with old gifts. A six foot stuffed toy snake that I got from my grandfather when I was a child. A bag full of scarves and mitts. A collection of unused journals (it seems that all my relatives ever got me for gifts). A large jewelry box that I got from my sister one christmas. This jewelry box was something that I wanted for a really long time. Now it is filled with old jewelry, gifts from past boyfriends. I almost kept the jewelry because I knew some of it was expensive. Part of me felt bad for giving away gifts; that’s part of why I’ve held on to them for so long. But whether they were gifts or not I don’t need these things. I am thankful for them, but they will serve a better purpose in somebody else’s hands.

The second box is full of all my books. Even my favourite ones. I’ve realized through travelling that it is much more practical to carry all my books on my kindle. I used to dream of having a library in my house one day. But what good are books sitting on the shelves of someone who has already read them? They belong in the hands of someone who hasn’t heard their story before.

It took me about two hours to put together these two boxes. I still have many, many more things to go through. But as I put these boxes into my vehicle to be taken away, I feel a small weight lifting from me. For a while I was dreading going through this process, but now I look forward to it.

Do you have any downsizing stories you would like to share? Does this story inspire you to rid yourself of the excess in your life? I’d love to know in the comments!Β 

10 thoughts on “Downsizing Chronicles

  1. I’ve been working on downsizing since separating from my husband. Some things are tougher to let go of but the fact I’m relocating helps. Do I want to pack this, move it (and pay to move it) 2000 miles, and then unpack it again? That’s usually a pretty quick yes or no. Some things take a second sweep to keep/toss/donate. It is amazing how lighter you feel, isn’t it? So much excess and we aren’t even aware.


    • It definitely helps when you are moving so far! I ask myself the same question since I am periodically moving back and forth between Canada and Australia. It is more than just a process of giving things away, it really is a spiritual process as well. I know in the future I will be mindful and try to avoid building up excess in the first place. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚



  2. I have so many things I don’t need and don’t use. Some I won’t miss if I ever get around to giving them away. Some hold a lot of sentimental value and will be hard to part with.
    Good on you! I might try to fill a box … but just a small one for the moment.

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    • Thank you! It may be difficult to part with items that hold sentimental value; this is one of the reasons I recorded some of the items on this post. I think it is a way of immortalizing those memories without actually needed to keep the object. Good luck with filling your box, even a small box is a good start!


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  3. Good on you for taking this bold step. I too strive for simple living, and moving from one place to another always encourages downsizing. But I always have a hard time giving away my books:-)


  4. Good for you!!! I have been slowly starting to do my wardrobe. From high school to Uni, everything just added up so quickly, and I really don’t even like most of it anymore. But since I can’t afford to replace things with higher quality pieces that I adore, I’ve decided to at least purge a lot. I have well over 13 bags (mostly clothes & accessories) to donate!! It feels great, and I honestly cannot wait until the day I get rid of even more.

    My dream is the day when I can almost start fresh – take my very personal items/essentials and rebuild it all with the stuff I truly love!!


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