7 Ways to find your character’s quirk


A quirk is a strange behaviour that someone does, that is typically unique to that person. For example, I always get the hiccups when I eat carrots. The funny thing is I looked it up and there are actually quite a few people who get this, enough that one woman even made a support group for people who get the hiccups from eating carrots so that they would not feel so alone (the page has since been taken down unfortunately). So a quirk doesn’t have to be 100% unique, but at least unique enough that it is strange to most people.

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Are your character’s eyes important?

Irie 023

When we are designing our characters we often think of their physical appearance. The problem with this is that physical appearances when fit into a story can often sound clunky and out of place. The Daily Post photo challenge theme for this week is “Eye Spy“, so I would like to focus on the development of a character through their eyes.

The first question we should ask ourselves is: Are our character’s eyes important? Do they contribute to the story? If so, how?

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