Hire Me

I seek to express my unique perception of the world through my writing. The art of eloquence and precise vocabulary is somewhat lost in today’s immense digital world, so I strive to be mindful of every word in order to give my writing its punch. I am driven by my passion to guide others to success, and am able to deliver various forms of writing.

Writing I specialize in (but am not limited to!):

  • short biographies
    • artist bios, LinkedIn bios, about me pages, and any other related work
    • you can view a sample of my writing here
  • research based articles
  • “how-to”guides
  • reviews
    • book reviews, restaurant reviews, video game reviews, and more!
  • literary research articles
    • based on an analysis of peer-reviewed scholarly articles


Things I am passionate about:

  • writing and reading
  • electronic/bass music
  • video games (currently ps4 based, although I have experience with sega genesis, n64, gameboy advance, nintendo ds, nintendo 3ds, gamecube, wii, xbox360, and ps3)
  • crafts
    • beadwork
    • oil and acrylic painting
    • ink pen drawing
    • sewing
  • hoop dance
  • music festivals
  • Japanese language and culture
  • education
  • gardening
  • 17th century literature


My qualifications:

  • Mount Royal University Class of 2015: Bachelor of Arts – Major in English


If you would like to contact me please email me at justinebernice.jb@gmail.com and I will reply to you promptly.