Alive with the Scent of Spring

I love the distinct smell of every season. Sometimes I step out onto the patio just to smell the morning. Today the crisp smell of spring is in the air: melting snow, wet pavement, old soggy vegetation and a hint of the new growth beneath it. The morning air is still cold, for now. As the days get longer these smells will give way to that of morning dew and hot grass baking in the summer sun.

For now these smells fill me with excitement. Spring holds potential, and like the early morning of a new day, I am alive with thoughts of what the future may bring.

What does spring mean to you?


Prank 911

“911 emergency what’s your situation?”

I quickly hung up the phone and retreated into the garage. I wasn’t really in trouble, although now I surely would be. Horror gripped my stomach. It wasn’t me I told myself. When the phone rang I could hear it through the wall. It was the strangest ringtone I had ever heard. I wasn’t even aware our phone was capable of making that noise. Shortly after it stopped my dad came out into the garage.

“Did you call 911?” he asked calmly.

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